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Piles of snow outside eatery protested


Snow piled chest-high is a little more than a core-area eatery can stomach.

Four Sisters Restaurant was left with a sour taste yesterday when staff found plows had left snow piles high enough to block almost any view from large windows on its entire west side.

“It’s very poor for opening the blinds and letting the customers see outside. If they would have done the street-cleaning properly, they would have removed the snow instead of piling it up against the restaurant,” Terry Gibb, a friend of the Higgins Avenue restaurant’s owners, said while pointing to a half-dozen empty tables along the windows.

“It’s normally full here on this side. Nobody wants to sit here because they can’t see out the window — the snow is too high. And we can’t open the blinds, because they open from the outside — unfortunate.”

Manager Sylvia Mak said she’s angry, also because the heaping snow has made it “very cold” along that side of the restaurant.

“The ice is too high,” Mak said.

The eatery called the city to ask that the snow be removed. Public works spokesman Ken Allen said such hauling is underway downtown.

That operation uses snow-blowers to blast the piles and windrows into the backs of semi-trailers, he said.

“That’s how they haul the snow away. They’re called blowing crews,” Allen said, adding five crews will do that work on major routes by Sunday.

“That’s a big operation.”